The GMC DIY Challenge: As It Unfolded

GMC1 hero

For the GMC DIY Challenge, they labeled my competition an Interior Designer and a Custom Fabricator, and me a Professional “Maker” (their quotes). So I’ll try and do all you fellow “Makers” proud! We have one hour to hunt through the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to pick our materials, and then upcycle it all into a piece of furniture for a Habitat family. I recruited my brother, Nico Rosso to be my teammate and we’re ready to get started (after we run some errands in the truck).

This All Terrain GMC Sierra was loaned to me by GMC for the DIY Challenge starting tomorrow – in the meantime, they had to know I’d USE it use it. Right?

GMC2 storage

Tool load out for the DIY Challenge. About to get started. I also shaved my head extra close – it’s a competition after all.

GMC3 loadout

We’re ready to get turned loose on the ReStore.

GMC4 ready

This is how you tell if I’m thinking.

GMC4a planning

Loading the choice piece we picked from the ReStore.


I can’t reveal what we’re making. But we are making a lot of sawdust.

GMC5 sawdust

After a long day of competitive DIY up cycling – Disaronno!

GMC6 digestivo

What in the world am I making?

GMC7 hole

Consulting the (long) list of things to do.

GMC7a consult

Finally – the finished piece!


The GMC DIY Challenge is over (no spoilers) but I get to drive the All Terrain edition GMC Sierra for another day or so. I don’t know if it was actually designed after the Halo Warthog, but you could definitely take on the Covenant in this thing.

GMC8a closer

I’ll let you all know when the video of the event drops and we can see what happens. STAY TUNED!