Who You’re Doing It With

I’m Justin DiPego, and welcome to my website. I build things out of other things and will talk to you about those things. Do it with things you find or things you buy for cheap or things other people threw away. Just don’t stop doing it, and if you’re not sure how to do it, do it with me.

Do it with me

I spent years both as a writer and editor and working in the trades as a handyman, framer and installer of skylights. Then I sat at a corporate desk, as the Senior Editor of DoItYourself.com, covering a whole range of home improvement topics. That was a good place to be, and I became the voice and then the face of the site – but it wasn’t my site. So now I’m bringing my voice and my face to you, unfiltered – and it’s all really an excuse to get into my workshop and write about home improvement, fixing things and making things out of other things, like glowing whiskey bars, reclaimed redwood tables, knives out of horseshoes, lamps out of plumbing parts and a butler robot (WIP).

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Frosted glass from the REstore