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One Day Upcycling Makeover

In the morning there was nothing in this nook. Now it’s an built-in vanity made from several pieces acquired at the #habitatforhumanity …

History Lesson

Casters with used up clay wheels off a restoration project  (remember roller skates with clay wheels?)

School Supplies

When you’re me… You get a call from a friend when something like this shows up on a curb #upcycle

Do You Even Lift?

Missed the gym today, but spent an hour lifting, lugging, sorting & chucking logs, doors, rocks, farm implements & bob wire. Now …

Tool Support

You never know when an opportunity might present itself. I’ve had luck with fixtures, furniture and equipment before. Sadly, I couldn’t get …

Are You a Maker?

I’m a maker. Are you? If you are, or if you’d like to be, or if you just like to watch things …

Can’t Resist the ReStore

200 miles from my house I haven’t even moved into yet. Still can’t resist going to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Maker Faire Morning

On my weekend with the Craftsman Tools MAKEcation in Brooklyn, we made an excursion to Queens for the amazing Maker Faire. Among the …

My 10 Rules for the ReStore

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is an excellent DIYer and Maker resource for tools and materials at a good price – and for …

Will This Blow My Hand Off?

Found this cool, vintage Craftsman drill at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I’m gonna plug it in and see if it electrocutes …

Repurposed Blockbuster Card

Moving out? Spackle job to do? Tools packed? Time for the last useful act of your Blockbuster card. Do I look tired …


I have a lot of mirrors waiting to be upcycled. And I keep thinking someone’s sneaking up on me.

Rolling Shop Bins Solution

Welding solves everything. Already had these steel trash cans. Welding casters to the bottom. Good for moving my shop – good for …

The Scrap Steel Haul

50 pounds of 4-inch angle iron, plus other random metal, loaded into my brother’s truck.

Me and Nico Down by the Steel Yard

Digging through the off-cut section at the steel yard in Santa Maria, California. Because that’s what you do on vacation. BTW, I …

Bad Medicine

Why would someone throw away this perfectly good medicine ball?