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School Supplies

When you’re me… You get a call from a friend when something like this shows up on a curb #upcycle

Do You Even Lift?

Missed the gym today, but spent an hour lifting, lugging, sorting & chucking logs, doors, rocks, farm implements & bob wire. Now …

Tool Support

You never know when an opportunity might present itself. I’ve had luck with fixtures, furniture and equipment before. Sadly, I couldn’t get …

Are You a Maker?

I’m a maker. Are you? If you are, or if you’d like to be, or if you just like to watch things …

My Vanity Was Way Too Big

The sink in the master bathroom takes up too much space, so I’m building a pedestal sink out of welded steel and …


I finally moved into my 100 year old craftsman style house, and it needs some fixing up. Tour the house and see …

Can’t Resist the ReStore

200 miles from my house I haven’t even moved into yet. Still can’t resist going to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

More Things

Still no place to put them, but I got this lamp and this case with a secret project inside.

My 10 Rules for the ReStore

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is an excellent DIYer and Maker resource for tools and materials at a good price – and for …

Will This Blow My Hand Off?

Found this cool, vintage Craftsman drill at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I’m gonna plug it in and see if it electrocutes …


I have a lot of mirrors waiting to be upcycled. And I keep thinking someone’s sneaking up on me.

Shopping for Pens, But…

Went to Office Depot for Sharpies to label my boxes for moving. I’ll take 4 sets of lockers please. …and 4 Sharpies.

The Scrap Steel Haul

50 pounds of 4-inch angle iron, plus other random metal, loaded into my brother’s truck.

Me and Nico Down by the Steel Yard

Digging through the off-cut section at the steel yard in Santa Maria, California. Because that’s what you do on vacation. BTW, I …

Bad Medicine

Why would someone throw away this perfectly good medicine ball?