There are like minded people out there doing it like I do. Some of them do it to houses, some do it to art – some to podcasts – some to the internet and some to the world of sport. The point is these are my friends who are doing it too.


Fix-it-with-Mark-Theresa- Mark and Theresa are parents – remodelers – artists – writers – licensed contractors – authors – hosts and DIYers. They have a weekly podcast and Blab with guests from across the DIY spectrum and they really know what they’re talking about.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

UnknownThe ReStore sells donated building materials including new and gently used furniture, appliances, lumber, hardware, vintage and unique items to the public.

All home furnishing prices are at least 50% off retail value and all proceeds from the ReStore home hardware sales are used toward the Habitat for Humanity mission to end substandard housing worldwide. I’m there a few times a month looking for whatever I can find.

Our Build

Our Build James Mason is a contractor out of Australia – follow him on YouTube for every stage of his remodels and very thorough tool reviews.He explains the nuts and bolts (literally) in easy to understand terms- and you also get to learn what Australians call fire blocks.

The Tool Made Project

Tool Made Carla Bruni heads up The ToolMade Project – focused on exploring the relationship between people and tools—hands-on projects and trades that involve expression and skill and time and brains and creative problem solving. She’s not just blogging, she’s actually out there doing historical preservation and repairing the things a lot of us think of as disposable.

The Americana Antique Store

AmericanaIf you see me up-cycling something cool or unusual, if I didn’t find it myself then Darin (Big D) did. He’s got the same taste as me so he doesn’t always want to sell me what I uncover in his shop, because he’s planning to make something out of it too. This place is different every time you go.

The L.A. Derby Dolls

LA Derby Dolls The L.A. Derby Dolls are Southern California’s premiere all-female, banked track roller derby league. And this is a total DIY venture – they built the league, created the arena (the Dollosseum) and built the track, but not only do they skate – they reach out to the community with health fairs, job fairs and more.