Rolling With the Derby


Roller derby is the ultimate DIY sport. About a decade ago, the women who wanted to skate actually created their own leagues across the country. Since then it’s expanded across the globe as a true grassroots endeavor. The LA Derby Dolls have been at the leading edge since the beginning, and when it came time for them to change venues, I wanted to see what that looks like.

This was a helluva good way to spend a weekend. Strapped on my tool belt and helped gut the Doll Factory, long time home of the Derby Dolls.

Doll Factory Demo

Then I headed over to their new location in LA’s oldest neighborhood, El Serino (which means “the serene one,” but won’t be exactly tranquil when they’re up and running), and helped to reassemble the banked track. It could have been done without my help, but it felt good to lend a hand and do some heavy lifting.

LA Derby Doll's Track

A couple of dozen 4×12 panels, secured together with cotter pins and nuts and bolts, and skinned with resonate

Also helped to scope out a spot for the after parties.

The Los Angeles Derby Dolls

If you’re in the Southland, check’em out at If you’re not, I bet there’s some roller derby near you. If there isn’t, start some.