Check Me Out in the GMC DIY Challenge!

And now… This is the moment DIY fans around the world have been waiting for. It’s Time! The second annual, undisputed GMC DIY Challenge! One hour to shop with $500 to spend at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore! One day to build custom furniture and decor from upcycled materials! Three teams competing for the grand prize!

Competing out of the Fabricator corner, with a background in metal working and welding, Clint Browning! Competing out of the Design corner, with a background in upholstery and vintage furniture, Vanessa de Vargas! And competing out of the Maker corner, with a background in making things out of other things, Justin DiPego!

Each contestant brought along a team mate, and mine is my brother Nico Rosso. What will each team make? Is there enough to find at the ReStore? How can there be enough time? Will there be cocktails after? (Yes!)

Watch the video for all the frenetic action of two days of building, condensed into 15-minutes of screen time.