Review: Dyson Hot+Cool Fan

Dyson fan-touched

The master bedroom of my 1915 craftsman style house has exterior walls to the east, south and west. That means constant sun exposure all day, and the room can be a hot box at night. I have no air conditioning, and more than one fan pointed at my bed. With Spring and Summer coming on, it’s timely that I review this Dyson AM09 Hot+Cool fan heater.

The Design

First of all, just look at it. I know Dyson is English, but I think the fan looks more Italian, design wise. It’s sleek, elegant and mysterious and makes you want to touch it (and take it apart). That’s why I built a stand for it – to get it up off the floor or table and give it a monumental presentation.

Dyson fan-stand

Now, the down side. I appreciate a design that has only one button, but if that button could have more than one function it would help here. The button’s good for on and off, and that’s it, so do not lose your remote. The remote is magnetic, and designed to cling to the curve of the fan, but I think keeping a remote right with the device it operates defeats the purpose of the remote.

The Remote

On to the remote itself. Another elegant bit of design, it fits nicely in the hand and its array of buttons is labeled with intuitive icons that make the directions pretty unnecessary.

Dyson fan-remote

Turn it on or off, make it go faster or slower, heat it up or cool it down, time it to turn off, make it oscillate and change the focus of the air flow.

The Features

That last feature is called Jet Focus, and it’s excellent for directing the fan at a specific spot, or getting the air moving in a wider area. I like the narrow focus for cool air and the wider spread when using it as a heater.

All the other functions work like you expect them to, with the added benefit that even at its highest setting, this fan is quiet. Watch the video on making the stand for it and even when it’s cranked up to 10 I don’t have to raise my voice over it.

The Verdict

All in all, I say yes to this offering from Dyson. It works like it should, has an actually useful extra feature, and it’s good to look at to boot.